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13.12.09 The Aleph has just turned 10! Yes that's right, 10 years ago the site first went online.. incredible! If you're interested check out the Version 1 of the site. ¶
30.07.09 Gibson has announced on his blog that he won't update for the time being as he is busy finishing the new novel "Zero History". ¶
09.08.07 The new novel Spook Country has just been released in the States and in the UK. ¶
11.07.07 The new novel Spook Country will hit the shelves on August 7th (2nd in the UK). Check out the promotion trailer to actually see the man type on a notebook (note the ancient phone!). ¶
06.02.07 Gibson revealed in a blog entry the cover of the upcoming novel Spook Country and the fact that advance reader copies should appear soon. Also, WGa just turned seven! ¶
28.11.06 New page on Spook Country with a brief official description. ¶
13.10.06 News on Gibson's upcoming novel 'SPOOK COUNTRY'  ¶
13.12.05 I found two old zombie versions of my site on previous web hosts (at Angelfire and, even older, at Fortunecity) - now completely cluttered in thick layers of competing internet ads. ¶
12.12.05 Be sure to check out The Agrippa Files, a fascinating, detailed research site. ¶
16.10.05 The European version of 'No Maps For These Territories' is now available on DVD (PAL) (including Dutch, French, Spanish and German subtitles). ¶
06.10.05 I have almost finished my other project expoessays.com for now and am ready to focus on the Aleph once again. According to his weblog, Gibson is now in the process of writing a new novel. He also wrote two articles for Wired magazine recently (article #1 - #2). ¶
18.06.05 No updates because I'm running a new project from the World Exposition in Japan. ¶
23.10.04 Gibson's blog is back on (reason: "At times, to be silent is to lie.")... check it out here. ¶
19.10.04 The Brazilian edition of "Pattern Recognition" ("Reconhecimento de Padrões") will be released by Editora Aleph in December 2004. ¶
26.07.04 The last couple of months saw the release of the Japanese, Polish and German editions of 'Pattern Recognition', respectively titled 'Patân Rekogunishon', ' 'Rozpoznanie Wzorca' and 'Mustererkennung'. The French edition 'Identification des schémas' is due out in September, the Spanish 'Mundo espejo' in November. You can check out the new covers in the Pattern Recognition gallery. If you are aware of any other translations please let me know. If you come upon some other rare stuff, please let me know by email or by posting at the William Gibson Board (I post there sometimes - you'll know me by my handle). ¶
17.02.04 So the aleph's fourth anniversary has passed unnoticed, rightly so because there doesn't seem to be much to celebrate. The last year has seen very few changes at the site, except for an evergrowing number of images in the image gallery (which now contains more than 700 items - whew!). I don't get many mails any more, probably because it's much easier to ask over at the official discussion board where most Gibsonites (including me - you'll know me by my handle) seem to hang out these days. In any case, don't hesitate to contact me if something new comes to your attention, or if you have any further questions. ¶
21.09.03 Some updates: Gibson announced in this blog entry that he will retreat from blogging. He explains that blogging is a 'low-impact activity' which he feels 'would get in the way of writing fiction'. So he might start working on his next project soon - be sure to check this site for updates once in a while. Another new item is the Real Audio streaming video of 'Tomorrow Calling' (based on the short story 'The Gernsback Continuum'), available at the Channel 4 website - I also put up some screenshots. Also, I am still looking for the six book cover scans some nice Hungarian guy sent to me in June (but were lost soon after), could you please re-send them? ¶
30.06.03 Added information on the new German version of the 'Neuromancer' audio book. Apart from that, nearly all issues with the site are cleared. So I guess I'll start my summer vacation now and leave everything else to the discussion board at williamgibsonbooks.com. Have fun! ¶
19.06.03 All right - it's been an insane week as my notebook computer was stolen last Tuesday while djing at a club. I have backups but getting things straight takes lots of time. The only thing I lost were the six book cover scans some nice Hungarian guy sent to me, so if you read this could you please re-send the scans? See you soon when things have settled a bit. ¶
22.05.03 As has been pointed out, the right-hand photograph actually is a young Douglas Coupland. That's not a trick to get into Gibson's blog, just a simple mistake I had been too lazy to correct. Since most visitors probably came to see the 'image-bleedover' I'll leave it for now. ¶
27.04.03 Wonder why no news? 'Cause most of the action is at the official discussion board. ¶
17.03.03 I finally decided to take down the guest book since 95% of the posts were commercial bot spam I don't want to support. There you go. ¶
12.02.03 Item number two arrived today - it's the lost second chapter of the Neuromancer graphic novel (recently published in 'Ultimate Cyberpunk'). I'll put up five scanned pages. ¶
10.02.03 I finished scanning the German version of the 'Neuromancer' graphic novel in high resolution (150dpi). I put up a version with 1/3-sized thumbnails and navigation. ¶
06.02.03 Well well, real world activities kept me busy while the action started. As you probably know, 'Pattern Recognition' hit the stores recently, so get it, it's great. Currently I am working on scanning two new 'special' items not yet on the site (or any other). I promise it's worth looking forward to it, so stay tuned, I'll let everybody know as soon as I post it. ¶
09.01.03 Gibson will do a Pattern Recognition book tour in February, get the dates here. ¶
08.01.03 Be sure to check the discussion board at the official site, it is getting pretty busy lately. Gibson published his first few blogs and promised he will be on the site more or less every day. Prices for 'Pattern Recognition' books at eBay are soaring at 150 dollars. ¶
01.01.03 Happy new year to all of you and all the best in 2003. I rewrote the navigation for faster browsing and compatibility, and I hope you like the new home page. I know I should write the PR review soon, please be patient. ¶
19.12.02 *NOTICE - It's party time from tomorrow on, so good Christmas and New Year to all of you. I know I promised a review and synopsis of 'Pattern Recognition', but real-world activities (mostly drinking & female relations) will keep me from completing those anytime soon - sorry. ¶
19.12.02 Finally there is an official Gibson web site, also check the official discussion board. ¶
15.12.02 *SPECIAL NOTICE - It is time to celebrate! In a few days it's the third anniversary of William Gibson aleph. According to my statistics, this site had over 100,000 visitors in that time - not too bad for a fan site. Have a look at the recently updated Aleph history. Also, continue the support, sign the guestbook, and have a good time, I'm doing this all for you, the fans! ¶
03.12.02 The image gallery now contains over 400 images, with lots of new book covers. ¶
09.11.02 Google William Gibson. ¶
08.11.02 Just finished reading the new novel, will put up a summary (with spoilers) later. ¶
06.11.02 I am now reading Pattern Recognition and am one-third through the book. It is very good and I'm really excited how the story evolves. Stay tuned for a full summary, glossary etc. until I'm finished. I will not post the book here, but I decided to put up the third chapter as an exerpt. ¶
29.10.02 I got a copy of 'Pattern Recognition at eBay, so stay tuned until it arrives. ¶
24.09.02 I returned to Germany five weeks ago, only now found the time for an update. There are advance readers copies of 'Pattern Recognition' available at eBay, I'll keep an eye on it. ¶
08.08.02 New page added: Other movie attempts; also added more info on the movies. ¶
06.08.02 The visitor numbers are still about half of what they were before I had to move the site... updating the links takes time, I even lost my Yahoo! listing. Anyway I finished moving everything here after getting fed up with those free webspace providers. ¶
15.07.02 As expected the old server is down... I relocated the downloads and image gallery. ¶
29.05.02 The image gallery now contains over 300 images! Please sign my new guest book. ¶
23.05.02 William Gibson aleph has moved (again). Please let me know if links etc. don't work. ¶
16.03.02 All images and contents of the 'William Gibson's Yard Show' page had to be removed. ¶
09.01.02 The 'Neuromancer' graphic novel is now available in a slighty better version. ¶
06.01.02 Have a look at the enlarged image gallery with book cover from all over the world. ¶
02.01.02 The 'Pattern Recognition' page now contains the official precis and some other hints. ¶
30.12.01 I decided to stop updating the other language versions because it takes too much time. ¶
27.12.01 Added buying info for 'No Maps For These Territories' on VHS/DVD. ¶
23.11.01 I will stay in Japan until September 2002, so I am going to create a complete Japanese translation until then. ¶
06.10.01 I removed the 'Audio' page and created a commented site map as an introduction. ¶
05.10.01 I am trying to compile a new file with 'memorable quotes' relating to Gibson. If you remember any from his stories, articles, or by himself, please write me an email. ¶
02.10.01 Greetings from Osaka! I added an entry for 'Pattern Recognition', the upcoming novel. ¶
26.09.01 I will fly to Japan tomorrow, but of course I will update the page from there. Please leave your entry in the guestbook. ¶
21.09.01 A few minor changes, the FAQ has also been rewritten. ¶
20.08.01 Well, I'll be off for my well deserved holidays soon. The site should be pretty much finished by now, but if anything comes up please contact me. ¶
18.08.01 I decided to remove all copyrighted texts from the downloads. ¶
14.08.01 Since I am getting more and more complaints and questions about copyright issues, I am considering taking off-line all copyright-sensitive novel and story texts etc. If you wish to support me to continue hosting those files, please send me email or sign the guest book. ¶
08.08.01 All right, I'm off for some well-deserved holidays. The site seems pretty complete now, but if anything surfaces please write. Also check out the recently completed Hungarian version. ¶
18.06.01 It was about time for a major redesign. Other language versions will be updated. ¶
08.06.01 Lots of slight changes. Coming soon: 'No Maps' QuickTime & Hungarian version. ¶
09.04.01 The site never stops growing. Now I have the complete text of 'Virtual Light'. ¶
27.03.01 I have completely redone the image gallery and download pages. Please, take a look. ¶
24.03.01 Added some new information about the 'Johnny Mnemonic' movie and pinball machine(!). ¶
19.03.01 You can now also download the complete text of 'Mona Lisa Overdrive'. ¶
17.03.01 Again, great news! The 'Neuromancer' audio book is now back on-line! ¶
09.03.01 Now also the complete 'Neuromancer' graphic novel can be accessed. ¶
27.02.01 I added two articles, one short story and a few links. ¶
03.02.01 Some minor issues with the Japanese pages; I know the translation is not very good. ¶
24.01.01 Spanish version of the Sprawl glossary is available at Deugarte.com. ¶
21.01.01 OK! Most of the bugs experienced with Netscape are now fixed. ¶
03.01.01 Added information about No Maps For These Territories (film about Gibson). ¶
01.01.01 I am proud to announce that William Gibson aleph is now listed in Yahoo!. ¶
31.12.00 About 100 samples from the 'Neuromancer' audio book are now online. ¶
28.12.00 Due to a recent change in the code, these pages are buggy if you are using Netscape. ¶
06.12.00 William Gibson FAQ v2 has been posted. ¶
15.11.00 New update after a long time. ¶
24.07.00 Lots of changes. German pages almost finished, added the guest book. ¶
21.07.00 Added new information and image of Agrippa. ¶
19.07.00 I created a Japanese translation. The pages are still under construction. ¶
18.07.00 Japanese and German versions of these pages are in the making. ¶
16.07.00 Corrected information about the Neuromancer movie script. ¶
25.03.00 Added San Francisco trilogy characters and glossary pages. ¶
24.03.00 Finished the Burning Chrome page, also updated the Sprawl characters and glossary. ¶
24.03.00 Completely rewrote the Downloads section, also added a few text downloads. ¶
23.03.00 Since I am getting more and more visitors on this site, I decided to add a news section so you know what's new and about to change at William Gibson aleph. Manuel ¶

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