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New Rose Hotel

No Maps For These Territories


Count Zero


Other movie attempts


This property is in development hell with a British company, Hot Property films. There exists a script by Chris Harrald, and the projects is intended for director Simon Pummel, who has done some short films but little else. Overall chances of realisation for this project seem to be slim. ¶

Burning Chrome

The rights to 'Burning Chrome' were optioned by Leonard Mogel in the mid-eighties, even before the short story collection appeared. It was supposed to become a sequel to an animated SF feature, The Heavy Metal Movie, and had six script drafts by Scott Roberts with input from Gibson. The Heavy Metal Movie however failed at the box office and caused the project to halt. In the nineties producer B. J. Rack and director James Cameron ('Terminator', 'Aliens', 'Titanic') became interested in the project, and a script was developed for Carolco Films. Reportedly Gibson declared the script as having been turned into "genre cyberpunk", and it is rumoured that he also produced a rewrite. Apparentely Cameron was supposed to direct the movie after delivering 'Terminator 2', though from this stage on not much is known about the amount of rewriting and preproduction, and eventually the project stalled. ¶

Mona Lisa Overdrive

This was sold to the TriStar team along with Neuromancer and Count Zero (as 'The Zen Differential'). Since then nothing has been heard. ¶

Virtual Light

According to an bOING bOING interview, fellow cyberpunk author Mark Laidlaw created a script of this Wiliam Gibson novel, in which he was obliged to change the bridge inhabitated by the homeless into a submarine. After the failure of the 'Johnny Mnemonic' movie, nothing has been heard of this project. ¶

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