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This website is not William Gibson's official homepage.

It is in no way connected to Mr Gibson or his publisher Punguin Putnam. Since this web site is a totally inofficial fan web site, I am not and have never been in contact with Mr Gibson or his publisher. Therefore, I cannot provide you with any information on how to contact Mr Gibson, except for what is stated in the FAQ and below this paragraph. ¶

The intention of William Gibson aleph is to collect all available information on William Gibson and his work. The website was started in December 1999 and has been growing steadily since then. I am continuing to include new facts and trying to keep the site up to date. It has grown tremendously over time, and by now attracts about 6.000 visitors per month. For a detailed history of the site check out the history pages. ¶

This web site was originally intended only for a rather small audience, but since it attracts quite some traffic now, there have been some copyright issues with some of the files originally available for download on this site. If you think some of the information, images or files available through this site violate against copyright law, or if the copyright belongs to you, I kindly ask you to contact me immediately. Everything on this site is provided as is and without any guarantee, and most of it without any permission by the respective copyright holders. Therefore, use at your own risk. ¶


I'd like the following people for their support and help: Script Hound (pointed out lots of different resources, mainly on the movie scripts), countless people on eBay who provided images with their rare Gibson auctions, The Wren (pointed out a very good resource of on-line novel/story texts), Derek Angel (pointed out a resource on 'Pattern Recognition'), Bernhard Bockelbrink (provided information on the 'Virtual Light' audio book), Illara Sunsurn (for sending the cover of the 'Neuromancer' audio book), John Lloyd Parry (provided information about the production of 'The Zen Differential'/'Count Zero' movie and his script), Zsolt Kokas (for translating the site into Hungarian), Stuart Argabright (provided most valuable information about the Neuromancer audio book and other productions), Simon Carless (played and tested the Johnny Mnemonic computer game and gave some information about it), Joshua Klessig (for providing some rare articles and stories, and the Neuromancer graphic novel scans), Masaki Kanai (helped a lot with the Japanese translation), the nameless user on audiogalaxy who made the Neuromancer audio book tapes accessible, David de Ugarte (translated the Sprawl glossary into Spanish), Bret Berg from tomandandy (provided information about 'No Maps For These Territories'), Jeff Watkins (for taking the time to sample from his old 'Neuromancer' tapes), S. Page (for the excellent mediagraphy listing), ...and the countless people all over the world who viewed the site, wrote me emails, spread the word of the site, and everyone else in connection with the William Gibson aleph. Thanks! ¶

Copyright notice

© Copyright 1999-2010. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced in part or completely in any form electronically, physically or other without permission of the author. Content from this site may be posted on non-commercial sites with the permission of the author. ¶

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