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Originally the rights to a movie version of Neuromancer were held by a company called Cabana Boys Productions, but eventually were reverted to Gibson, even though director Chuck Russel ('The Mask', 'Nightmare on Elm Street 3', 'Eraser' etc) wrote a script and did some preproduction (but nothing more) in 1990. (thanks to Script Hound for this information) The rights were sold again, to film company Alliance Communications, with producers Staffan Ahnberg and Peter Hoffman and supposedly Robert Longo as director. This project was stalled after the bad performance of the 'Johnny Mnemonic' movie. ¶

Apparently the rights were acquired by Seven Arts Pictures, and then it was rumored that the movie 'Neuromancer' would be released around 1999/2000 and directed by the British director Chris Cunningham. He has been acknowledged for directing several music videos for Aphex Twin ('Come to Daddy', 'Windowlicker'), Madonna ('Frozen') and Portishead ('Only You') and is also known for his fx work in movies like 'Alien3'. The producer was rumoured to be Alex Lightman but recently one talks of Peter Hoffman. Even though the 'official' website www.neuromancer.org has been put off-line as of June 2000, the project still seems to be on. According to Seven Arts Pictures, the development company, Cunningham is still collaborating with Gibson on the movie script on the film. Check out the links below for an overview of the history of the project and recent information. ¶

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