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Other adaptations

*NOTE: Please refer to the mediagraphy for a complete listing of Gibson adaptations. ¶

'Tomorrow Calling' TV film (1993)

Short TV film, based on William Gibson's short story 'The Gernsback Continuum'. Originally shown on Channel 4, also presented at the British Film Festival, 4-10 October 1996. Written & directed by Tim Leandro, starring Sarah Stockbridge, Toyah Wilcox, and Don Henderson. Assistant art director: Miriam Sorrentino. Production company: Tapson Steel/Film Four Productions. ¶

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'Virtual Light' audio book (1994)

Penguin audiobooks published an audio book version of 'Virtual Light' in 1994. It is read by actor and director Peter Weller, of 'Robocop', 'Naked Lunch' and 'Mighty Aphrodite' fame. It came on two tapes and runs approximately three hours. ¶

2 audio cassettes (46:29, 46:04, 45:37, 45:19) approx. 183 minutes ¶
Penguin audiobooks, 1994 ¶
ISBN 0-14-086-062-2 ¶
Read by Peter Weller ¶
Abridged by Nick Warburton ¶
Produced by Karen Pearlman ¶

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William Gibson's Yard Show (1994)

'William Gibson's Yard Show' was a website created by Gibson's friend Christopher Halcrow. It displayed mostly graphics created by Halcrow that Gibson liked. It was also loosely connected to 'Idoru', with images and discography of 'Chrome Koran', the band that appears in the novel. Halcrow and Gibson had planned a few other projects, such as a Shockwave version of 'Agrippa', a video of 'Tomorrow Calling' and so on, but the last update had been in May 1996. The site was put off-line during the year 2000. By request of the author, Christopher Halcrow, all contents and images relating to the Yard Show site originally featured on this site were removed.

'Idoru' audio book (1996)

Penguin Berkely Audio published an audio book version of 'Idoru' in 1996. ¶

2 audio cassettes approx. 3 hours ¶
Penguin audiobooks, 1996 ¶
Read by Jay O. Sanders  ¶

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'Hinterlands' comic (1995)

An interesting evocation of the fake paradise of the short story from Burning Chrome. Adapted and illustrated by Gavin Lonergan. Appeared in Freeflight #5 and #6, Dec/Jan 95 and Apr/May 95, published by Thinkblots. (Thinkblots, Box 47536, 1-1020 Austin Ave, Coquitlam, BC, CANADA V3K 2A0) ¶

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