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Neuromancer adaptations

'Neuromancer' computer game (1988)

In 1988, Interplay published the role-playing adventure and action game 'Neuromancer' for Apple II, Commodore C64, Amiga and IBM/PC computers. The first part of the game takes place in Chiba City where the player needs to hack various terminals and visit different places from the novel, while the second part is fighting against various AIs in cyberspace, with the aim of preventing the AIs Neuromancer and Greystoke to take over the Matrix.

The game actually takes part after the events of the novel, so the storyline differs significantly from the original story. The character you play gets is not Case, even though he gets into a lot of the same situations as Case, and a few characters in the game make reference to Case as someone who they had met previously. The title song is a digitized version (created by Dave Warhol) of the song 'Some Things Never Change' by Devo. ¶


 Novel information
Walkthrough etc.

Action/adventure game ¶
Programmed by Troy A. Miles ¶
Soundtrack by Devo ¶
Sound F.X. by Dave Warhol ¶
Apple II/C64/Amiga/PC ¶
© 1988/89 by Interplay ¶


'Neuromancer' graphic novel (1989)

The graphic novel covers only the first third of 'Neuromancer' (chapters 'Chiba City Blues' and 'The Shopping Expedition'). It is quite well done, and the cyberspace sequences look very good. Apparently it was planned to be the first in a series of which the remaining chapters have been cancelled. ¶

Gibson, apparently an avid comic fan during his youth, said that he is satisfied with the graphic novel and that it looks pretty much like what he imagined in 1983. He also said that if any of his work was adapted for the big screen, he would be happy if it would come as close to his original intention as the graphic novel. ¶

Since the graphic novel is out of print and very hard to obtain anywhere, I put it up in HTML format. The images are small but readable. (Thanks to Joshua Klessig for letting me have his scans). A German version was published in the 'Schwermetall' series. ¶


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 Read comic  (German)

Graphic novel, 1989 ¶
by Tom de Haven and Bruce Jensen ¶
Epic Comics, ISBN 0871355744 ¶
Berkley Books, ISBN 0425120163 ¶


Cover of 'Neuromancer' graphic novel

'Neuromancer' graphic novel - The lost chapter (1989)

Part of the second chapter of the Neuromancer graphic novel adaptation, done by a different graphic artist, was released in Pat Cadigan's The Ultimate Cyberpunk story collection in 2004. ¶


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Graphic novel, 1989 ¶
Written by Franz Henkel,
Art by Givens Long. ¶
"The Ultimate Cyberpunk",
I Books 2004,
ISBN 978-0743486521¶


Cover of 'Neuromancer' graphic novel

'Neuromancer' audio book (1994)

William Gibson reads 'Neuromancer'. The audio book runs about 6 hours and contains almost the complete text of 'Neuromancer', except for a few abridged paragraphs. It's great to listen to Gibson reading the story and expressing the narrative drive the way he intended to when he wrote the book. U2 contributed one track to the audio book, while the background sounds and music were done by Black Rain. (thanks to Stuart Argabright for these corrections). ¶

The original issue of the audio book is not available any more, but it can be found on file sharing networks like KaZaa or Direct Connect. Check the download page for a number of sites where you can download the audio book. ¶


 Novel information

4 tapes/5 discs, run time: 5:56:20 hrs. ¶
Time Warner AudioBooks, 1994 ¶
ISBN 1570420599 ¶
Read by William Gibson ¶
abridged by Jeffrey Gorney ¶
text edited by John Whitman ¶
original music by Stuart Argabright,
William Barg and Black Rain ¶
music by U2 ¶
words by The Edge ¶


Cover of 'Neuromancer' audio book

'Neuromancer' audio book German version (2003)

German director and author Alfred Behrens created a German version of 'Neuromancer' as an audio book for Germany's Radio Bremen and WDR. It is based on a translation by Reinhard Heinz und Peter Robert and starrs Boris Aljinovic, Alexander Radszun, Sven Lehmann, Matthias Scherwenikas, Dorothea Gädeke and many others. It will be transmitted on Eins Live on 3, 10, 17 and 24 July 2003 starting 11pm CET and can be received via high quality internet live stream (see link below).

 Novel information
Radio Bremen official home page (in German)
Eins Live internet live stream

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