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Johnny Mnemonic adaptations

'Johnny Mnemonic' computer game (1995)

FMV (full-motion video) PC computer game from Sony Imagesoft which is essentially an entirely different filmed version of 'Johnny Mnemonic' with actors Isaac Hayes, Julie Strain, and Christopher Russel Gartin as Johnny. There's two hours of footage on the two CDs with 2500 scenes, and an estimated play time of 30 hours. During the playback of the filmed action so-called 'opportunity windows' enable the player to influence the outcome of the story (e. g. fight, solving puzzles etc.) The player's goal is to find the pieces of the download code so Johnny can download the data overload in his head before he dies, or before someone decapitates him (additional information provided by Simon Carless). ¶

System requirements: 486/DX2 66MHz, SVGA card w/256 colors, 8MB RAM, 2MB free hard drive space, 2xCD-ROM drive. MS-DOS 5.0 or later with Windows 3.1 or later, QuickTime 2.0.

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Johnny Mnemonic

'Johnny Mnemonic' soundtrack (1995)

Audio CD with tracks from the movie 'Johnny Mnemonic'. It's an average and quite small collection of 90ies rock/crossover tunes. It contains a Bono/The Edge (U2) instrumental from the 'Achtung Baby' sessions as a bonus. Ice-T and the tracks 'Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix) by Fear Factory and 'I Love My Parents' by Buckethead are in the movie but not on the soundtrack. ¶

The original soundtrack was done by Black Rain (who also contributed to the 'Neuromancer' audio book), but they were cut out once Sony got involved and consecutively put their own bands on the soundtrack. In the Japanese cut of the movie, one Black Rain track called 'Memory Johnny Ska Yakuza Firefight' survived, and the soundtrack music is available on their CD '1.0', Fifth Column Records, 1995 (provided by Stuart Argabright). ¶

Sony/Columbia, 1995 ¶
Track Listing:

1. Stabbing Westward - Lost
2. Cop Shoot Cop - 3 A.M. Incident
3. Helmet - Complete
4. Orbital - Sad But True
5. KMFDM - Virus
6. Rollins Band - I See Through
7. God Lives Underwater - No More Love
8. Bono & The Edge - Alex Descends into Hell for a Bottle of Milk/Korova 1
9. Stabbing Westward - Nothing
10. Brad Fiedel - Send It Out

'Johnny Mnemonic' audio book (1995)

This is not an audio book version of William Gibson's short story 'Johnny Mnemonic'. In the wake of the huge merchandise of the movie 'Johnny Mnemonic', a novel which tells the storyline of the movie was written by Terry Bisson and published. So the audio book is actually a read version of the novel, which was based on the movie, which on the other hand was made out of the movie script William Gibson wrote adapting his short story 'Johnny Mnemonic'. Adapting a story four times undoubtely doesn't do any good to the quality of the story.

2 audio cassettes approx. 2 hrs.(abridged) ¶
Read by Jack Noseworthy ¶
A Novel By Terry Bisson ¶
Based on the short story by William Gibson ¶
Published by Simon and Schuster Audio Books ¶

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'Johnny Mnemonic' pinball machine (1995)

Pinball machine based on the movie 'Johnny Mnemonic'. It was manufactured by Williams and published in August 1995. It had 2 Flippers, 2 Ramps, 2 Automatic Plungers and up to 6 Ball Multiball. Special features: A magnetic hand assembly that catches the ball and a 'Matrix Ball Lock'. There are nice photos of the pinball machine at PinballZone.com. ¶

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'Johnny Mnemonic' pinball machine

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