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*NOTE: Please refer to the mediagraphy for a complete listing of Gibson's articles. ¶


'My Own Private Tokyo' - Wired 9.09, September 2001

Short article about Gibson's latest stay in Tokyo where he might have made some research for his upcoming book. He describes the post-bubble city and gives some hints about what he thinks might happen to Japan in the future. ¶

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'Modern Boys & Mobile Girls' - Observer, April 2001

Gibson writes about Japan and his fascination with it. He also gives some cultural background about the 'Modern Boys', Japanese students who studied abroad after the re-opening of the country in the 19th century, and the 'Mobile Girls', modern Japanese school girls. ¶

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'Steely Dan's return' article (2000) - Addicted To Noise 6.03

Gibson wrote this article about the new Steely Dan album 'Two Against Nature', which won the Grammy for best album in February 2001. ¶

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'William Gibson's Filmless Festival' article (1999) - Wired 7.10

This article for 'Wired' is about the films of young directors who use digital cameras instead of film. Gibson writes about a few movies and muses about the future of digital filmmaking. ¶

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'My Obsession' article (1999) - Wired 7.01

Gibson wrote another article for 'Wired' magazine in 1999, this time about his obsession with on-line auctions at eBay. He says that eBay is one of the very few web pages he isn't bored with and he keeps going back to. The article is about his own experience and his opinion about on-line auctions. ¶

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'The Net Is A Waste Of Time' article (1996)- New York Times Magazine

No information yet.

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'Disneyland With the Death Penalty' article (1993) - Wired 1.4

'Wired' magazine sent William Gibson to Singapore to write an article for them. Some of Gibson's considerations about Singapore obviously made it into his latest novel, 'All Tomorrow's Parties'. ¶

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 All Tomorrow's Parties

'Rocket Radio' article (1989) - Rolling Stone

No information yet.

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