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Sprawl characters

*NOTE: This page describes characters from the novels 'Neuromancer', 'Count Zero' and 'Mona Lisa Overdrive, and the stories 'Johnny Mnemonic', 'New Rose Hotel' and 'Burning Chrome'. ¶

Skinny Zionite, gold incisors, pilot of the Babylon Rocker. ¶

a.k.a. Colonel Willis Corto. Dark robe, hairless muscular chest, flat hard stomach, very pale blue eyes. ¶
Ex-Special Force Officer who was the only survivor of the 'Screaming Fist' mission in Russia. After escaping to Helsinki and being severly injured, he was shipped to a military facility in Utah. He was found eleven months later and repaired in order to testify in the war trials. Afterwards, he worked corporate defectors in Lisbon and Marrakesh, overseer of a heroin factory in Thailand, and a paid killer in the ruins of Bonn. He was taken to a Paris mental health unit, and Wintermute reactivated him with the name of Armitage out of the schizophrenia health program. Wintermute gives orders through a projection of General Girling. As Armitage's persona cracks during the Straylight run, he is killed by Wintermute. ¶

Ashpool, John Harness
Heir to an engineering firm from Melbourne; after the marriage to Marie-France Tessier, he starts building in high orbit what later will become Freeside. ¶

Automatic Jack
Mean-looking, myoelectric arm made out of Duralumin, lost his arm in a covert action in Russia under a Nightwing parafoil, partner of Bobby Quine, burned the 'House of the Blue Lights'. He custom-built Jammer's cyberspace deck. ¶

Black, grey robe, square lenseless glasses, lives in the Barrytown Projects. He is one of the people who are in contact with the loa. ¶

Becker, Hans
Austrian video artist who uses special limited visuals in his films. He made a famous film about the Tessier-Ashpool clan called 'Antarctica starts here'. ¶

Case, Henry Dorsett
a.k.a. Charles Derek May (bank chip) a.k.a. Truman Starr (passport) a.k.a. Cutter (by the Panther Moderns). Khaki jacket, nylon sports shoes, 24 years old. ¶
At twenty-two, he was one of the hottest cyberspace cowboys in the Sprawl, trained by Bobby Quine and McCoy Pauley. After he tried to steal from one of his employers, they destroyed part of his nervous system with mycotoxin, making it impossible to access cyberspace anymore. He spent all his money in Chiba City trying to find a cure. Armitage has Molly find him and offers to repair the damage. Case is forced to work for Armitage on the Straylight run because he has slowly dissolving toxin sacs attached to his veins. After the run, he moves back to the Sprawl and is said to have quit after a few more runs and to have four children. ¶

Chesterfield, Cherry
From Cleveland, bleached hair, four different leather jackets, has a med-tech's ticket. She is paid by Kid Afrika for taking care of Bobby Newmark. ¶

Chin, Gerald
Cosmetic surgeon, friend of Molly. ¶

Pretty childlike face smooth as steel, runs the 'House of the Blue Lights'. ¶

Biochip-personality manufactured by Maas-Neotek in a pocket size case; little AI which can be used as a guide in a foreign country; can only be seen and heard by Kumiko who refers to him as a 'ghost'. ¶

Pale skin, angular features, high forehead, He hires Turner for the extraction of Christopher Mitchell. He is paid by Josef Virek to get hold of Mitchell's biochip technology. He is then killed by Jaylene Slide. ¶

Biochip AI. ¶

Deane, Julius
135 years old, needs to have his DNA reprogrammed every year in Tokyo, has his office in a warehouse behind ninsei.  ¶

Dixie Flatline
Filed personality ROM construct of the great hacker McCoy Pauley. Molly steals it with Case from the Sense/Net archive. The Flatline helps Case crack the black ice of the Villa Straylight. He requests to be erased after the run. ¶

Mona Lisa's pimp who is killed in New York. ¶

Estevez, Paco
Simstim construct, Josef Virek's servant. ¶

Face, Ralfi
Has carried the once-famous face of Christian White for twenty years. He put dangerous Yakuza data in Johnny's head and put out a contract to have him killed. He is then killed by a Yakuza assassin. ¶

Technical engineer, runs the shop 'Metro Holografix' in the Sprawl, friend of Automatic Jack, Molly, and Beauvoir. Later, he has his personality filed in a ROM construct which is placed near his old shop and referred to as the 'oracle'. ¶

Gentry, Thomas Trail
Artist who lives on Dog Solitude. ¶

Ageless, radiates a sense of calmness, wears clean frayed khaki workpants and soft dark shoes, uses a bamboo bow, 'ninja clone', can fight even blind, 3Jane's personal bodyguard, 'family retainer', folds origami. ¶

Isham, Tally
Simstim Star. ¶

Long-faced, dark thinning hair, narrow eyes. Owns a nightclub on the top floor of Hypermart. ¶

Data courier who has hundreds of megabytes of Yakuza data wet-wired into his brain. Molly Millions helps him to escape from a Yakuza assassin and continues to live with him. He is killed later by another assassin. ¶

War-time cyborg dolphin, equipped with body armor and sensor units. He manages to decipher the code phrase Johnny needs to access the data in his head. ¶

Kid Afrika
Big hazel eyes, pencil-thin mustache, dark skin. He saved Slick's life in Atlantic city and in turn wants him to keep 'the Count' Bobby Newmark's body for a few weeks. ¶

Krushkhova, Marly
She ran a art gallery in Paris with her ex-boyfriend Alain until he came up with a fake Cornell which caused a scandal. She is then hired by the wealthy Josef Virek who wants her to find the maker of late Cornell-like boxes. She is given some coordinates in orbit by Alain, who is then murdered. She then finds the mysterious box-maker in the data cores of the defunct Freeside. ¶

Little Bird
Very thin, two meters tall, lacquered wings of brown hair, backs and sides shaved high, lives on Dog Solitude. ¶

Lee, Linda
Case's ex-girlfriend in Chiba City, probably killed by Julius Deane. ¶

Ludgate, Wigan
a.k.a the Wig, he got rich by stealing accounts from African countries, began to search God in the matrix, then moved up the well and keeps sending software and Cornell-like boxes to the Finn. ¶

Zionite, motted dreadlocks, pilot of the tug Marcus Garvey. ¶

Mao, Sony
Famous pop singer. ¶

McCoy, Pauley
Legendary redneck console cowboy and the teacher of Case. He was flatlined by Neuromancer, thus the name. After his Russian war surplus heart stopped beating, he was filed into a personality ROM construct by Sense/Net and called the Dixie Flatline. ¶

Millions, Molly
aka Cat Mother (for the Panther Moderns) aka Steppin' Razor/Cateye (for the Zionites) aka Sally Shears aka Misty Steele. ¶
Black hair, surgically inset mirror glasses sealing the sockets, with microchannel image-amps for night-vision. Burgundy nails, ten double-edged, four-centimeter scalpel blades slide from their housings beneath the nails. Black boots, tight gloveleather jeans, black light-absorbing jacket, bulletproof sleeveless gray pullover. for the fletcher. Flechette pistol and a black nylon shoulder rig. ¶
To earn the money for her body modifications, she worked as a prostitute in a puppet parlor where the girls are planted with a cut-out chip and put in a sleep-like trance during the business. After killing one of her customers, a senator, the house put out a contract on her and she had to hide. Eight weeks later, she met Johnny (Mnemonic) in a bar and managed to kill the Yakuza assassin who was going after him. They worked together and discovered Johnny's former customers with Jones' squid, but very soon later Johnny was murdered by another Yakuza. ¶
Afterwards, she was recruited by Armitage for the Straylight run. After the run, she left Case, changed her name in Sally Shears, and left for Europe. She had a business for data laundering in London and did some prizefighting with the handle 'Misty Steele'. After eight fights she had to quit because she was severely hurt by a Burmese fighter. She has shares in a casino in Aix-la-Chapelle. She is then blackmailed by Lady 3Jane to kill the famous simstim star Angie Mitchell, but during the mission she helps her marry Bobby and saves Mona Lisa. ¶

Mitchell, Angela
Daughter of the famous biochip designer Christopher Mitchell. On his supposed defection to Hosaka, he sends her out instead. She can access cyberspace without a cyberdeck because of certain DNA patterns in her head (vévés) installed by her father, but can also be taken control of by the loa. She saves 'the Count' Bobby Newmark from deadly ICE in cyberspace, who later becomes her boyfriend. Because of her special abilities, she replaces Tally Isham as the most famous simstim star. ¶

Mitchell, Christopher
Famous biochip designer from Maas-Neotek, invented the biochips. On his supposed defection to Hosaka, he sends out his daughter Angela Mitchell instead. ¶

Mona Lisa
16-year old, grew up on a catfish farm, moves to Cleveland with her pimp Eddy where she becomes a cage dancer and whore. She is taken to New York by a talent scout and surgeoned to look like the famous simstim star Angie Mitchell. After Angie's death she takes her place. ¶

Artificial Intelligence in Rio, twin of Wintermute. ¶

Newmark, Bobby
aka Count Zero aka the Count. ¶
Tight black jeans, heavy leather boots with spacesuit-like accordion-folds at the ankles, black leather garrison belt with twin lines of pyramidal chrome studs. ¶
Lives in Barrytown, is attacked by ICE on his first run but saved by an angel-like appearance which turns out to be Angie Mitchell. Taken care of by Beauvoir and his friends and later becomes Angie's boyfriend. He disappears to New Mexico after stealing the aleph. He then goes to Cleveland and pays Kid Afrika to take care of him while he is jacked into the aleph. He marries his girlfriend Angela Mitchell in cyberspace. ¶

Quine, Bobby
Thin and pale with dark glasses, legendary console cowboy, also the teacher of Case. He burnt the 'House of the Blue Lights' with his partner Automatic Jack. ¶

Riviera, Peter
Slender, blond, soft-voiced, accentless and fluid English, thirty years old; certified psychopath, addicted to cocaine and meperidine. His job at the Straylight Run is to take Lady 3Jane's invitation to the Villa Straylight. He turns against the team and has his own plans about 3Jane. Molly poisons and kills him. ¶

Slick, Henry
Spent three years for grand theft auto in a chemo-penal unit where he was treated with Korsakov's, which prevented him from remembering any longer than five minutes. He moved to Dog Solitude where he lives with Gentry and Little Bird and builds giant radio-controlled robots out of junk. ¶

Slide, Jaylene
Famous console jockey, assists Turner at Mitchell's extraction. After she finds out that is was Conroy's fault her partner died at the extraction, she kills him. ¶

Stark, Danielle
Famous reporter from 'Vogue-Nippon' and 'Vogue-Europa'; looks like in her early thirties, but is rumored to be in her late eighties. ¶

Swain, Roger
Pale eyes, long strong-boned face, mouse-colored hair, servant of Mr Yanaka, whose daughter Kumiko stays at his house in London, being blackmailed by Lady 3Jane. ¶

Tessier-Ashpool, Lady 3Jane of
Member of the Tessier dynasty, third clone in a series of 10 Janes. ¶

Tessier, Marie-France
Heir to a family fortune founded on nine patents in applied biochemistry; marries John Ashpool, gives birth to Jean and Jane Tessier-Ashpool which are then cloned ten times. With her entrepreneurial skills she turns the newly established Freeside colony into a highly profitable data haven. Later on, her funding in AI research is revealed, and after her death it is rumored that she has been murdered. ¶

Friend of Molly in London, East End data thief; he protects Kumiko Yanaka and repairs her biochip-personality Colin; nearly killed by Lady 3Jane's construct inside the macroform node. ¶

Expert in extracting top executives and research people, he is hired by Hosaka to lead the extraction of Christopher Mitchell from Maas Biolabs. ¶

Barrytown software dealer from the Projects, Bobby's contact, hustles dangerous icebreakers to console cowboys to test them.. ¶

Virek, Josef
Dark grey hair, large blue eyes, round rimless glasses, eccentric billionaire, the richest individual on earth, confined to a vat with life-supporting systems in Stockholm. That is the reason why he wants to find the mysterious maker of the Cornell-like boxes because he knows that all kinds of biochip technology came from the same place. He is finally killed by the loa Samedi. ¶

White, Christian
Christian White of the Aryan Raggae Band, a very popular race rock band. Classic pop face with a singer's high-definition muscles, chiselic cheekbones ¶

Wildside, Rikki
Tall, nineteen or twenty years old, brown eyes, long brown hair with streaks of blond, tight black jeans. Bobby Quine's girlfriend. Works in the 'House of the Blue Lights' to earn the money for a pair of Zeiss Ikons. ¶

Wilson, Bodine
Console cowboy, he made a run with the Dixie Flatline; the term 'wilson' is used by younger cowboys to describe a loser. ¶

Artificial Intelligence, swiss nationality, hardware owned by Tessier-Ashpool SA. Reactived Armitage/Corto to do a run on the Villa Straylight in order to unite with Neuromancer, his twin AI. ¶

Yanaka Kumiko
13-year old Japanese girl which is sent to London by her father in order to protect her. ¶

Yonderboy, Lupus
Pink hair, lots of microsofts behind his left ear, modified pupils like a cat's. Panther Modern leader, wears a polycarbon suit with a recording feature. ¶

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