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Welcome to William Gibson aleph, the essential information collection about contemporary writer William Gibson. In Gibson's novel 'Mona Lisa Overdrive', an aleph is a big chip which can store a huge amount of information. The intention of William Gibson aleph is to collect all available information on William Gibson and his work. For comments, suggestions, and questions write to Email Contact. ¶

William Gibson
Photo courtesy of Chris Saunders

C O N T A C T I N G   G I B S O N

For information on how to contact Mr Gibson, read the Contact page. ¶

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03.10.10 Just finished the new novel Zero History and put up some information on it.  ¶
13.12.09 The Aleph has just turned 10! Yes that's right, 10 years ago the site first went online.. incredible! If you're interested check out the Version 1 of the site. ¶
30.07.09 Gibson has announced on his blog that he won't update it for the time being as he is busy finishing the new novel "Zero History". ¶

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Gibson's latest novel Zero History was published in September 2010 . It re-introduces characters from the prequel Spook Country, such as Hubertus Bigend and Hollis Henry, on a quest for a secret clothing brand called Gabriel Hounds. ¶


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