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*NOTE: This page describes characters from the novels 'Virtual Light', 'Idoru' and 'All Tomorrow's Parties'. ¶

Blackwell, Keith Alan
Enormously big Australian, shaved head, left ear missing, lots of scars all over his body, moves very quick, uses a tomahawk weapon. He has been Rez's bodyguard since a prison concert where Rez was taken hostage by the prisoners and freed by Blackwell. ¶

Blix, Hans Rutger
43 years old, naturalized Costa Rican, looks like Rainer Fassbinder. He is the courier which must deliver the 'Virtual Light' glasses with the Sunflower rebuilding scheme. Chevette steals the glasses at a party because she is annoyed by him. He is then killed by Loveless ¶

San Francisco street kid who hangs around at the Bridge. ¶

Chevette's late boyfriend whom she is running away from. He is killed in the no-name bar as he is attacking her. ¶

Creedmore, Buell
Singer of the country band 'Buell Creedmore and his Lower Companions'. ¶

DuPree, Sammy Sal
Very good-looking, black, gay, 6"2 tall, friend and colleague of Chevette. She first met him at the tattoo shop 'Colored People'. He helped Chevette get the job at Allied Messenger. He is shot at by Loveless as he helps Chevette escape but survives. ¶

Long-coated black suit, long face, pale eyes, lines on each cheek, dark blond long hair swept back, gold rings and watch. Maryalice's girlfriend, he came to Tokyo after the quake and got in the music and club business. He is running a deal with the Russians from the Kombinat about a nanotech assembler. ¶

Elliot, Danica
Old lady, sits next to Rydell on his flight to San Francisco, agent of IntenSecure. ¶

Walled City denizen, represented by a glass with a centipede in it, his voice sampled from all kinds of noises and sounds. ¶

Lives on the Bridge, takes care of technical stuff. After Chevette left San Francisco with Rydell, he took care of Skinner until his death. He opened a shop for used watches on the bridge, and he helps Chevette and Rydell escape Harwood's men.  ¶

Hacker, member of the Republic of Desire, looks like a mountain-big statue of a wide-faced man with dreadlocks. ¶

Harwood, Cody
Often depicted as a twenty-first-century synthesis of Bill Gates and Woody Allen, PR Genius, heir to the most powerful PR firm in the world, richest man in the world. ¶

Hernandez, Juanito
Rydell's boss at IntenSecure, gets him the driving job in San Francisco. ¶

Representative of the Walled City. ¶

Short gray hair, deep lines in his cheeks, coat, gold-rimmed round glasses. He carries a black knife which is extremely carefully sharpened. His name is only known to the idoru. He is associated with Cody Harwood but finally kills him. ¶

Laney, Colin
During his youth at the Gainesville orphanage, he was a test subject and repeatedly dosed with 5-SB. This made him sensitive to certain patterns in huge amounts of data, and the perception of nodal points allows him to predict certain aspects of the future. He was then employed by Slitscan to find out certain information about celebrities. After his defection to the counter-investigative show 'Out of Control' he is employed by the Lo/Rez management to facilitate the marriage of Rez and the idoru. Shortly before the idoru left, he decided not to go to work anymore, and ended up in a cardbox in Shinjuku subway station, Tokyo. ¶

Pale and wide-set eyes, golden smile, deep seems down each cheek. He was observing Blix and killed him after he got the 'Virtual Light' glasses stolen. He hunts Chevette and Rydell and plans to kill them as soon as he gets back the glasses. ¶

Black leather jacket, Chevette's ex-boyfriend, helps Rydell contact the Republic of Desire. ¶

Eddie's girlfriend, she smuggled the nanotech assembler to Tokyo. ¶

McKenzie, Chia Pet
14 year-old red-haired girl from San Francisco. She is a member of the world-wide Lo/Rez fan club and is sent to Tokyo by her chapter to investigate rumours about Rez's marriage to the idoru. On the flight she unknowingly smuggles a highly classified nanotech assembler for Maryalice. The Russians which had a deal with Maryalice's boyfriend Eddie about the assembler then try to get it back from her. With the help of Masahiko and the Walled City denizens she escapes to the love hotel Di. As the Russians and Rez show up at the hotel, they swap the assembler against Tokyo real estate. After her return, Chia spends more time in the Walled City than with the fan club. ¶

Mendelsohn, Karen
Producer at Cops in Trouble, went to bed with Rydell during the time he was supposed to be produced, she threw him out when a more sensational case came up. ¶

Mimura Masahiko
17-year old brother of Mitsuko, an otaku who spends most of his time in Walled City. ¶

Mimura Mitsuko
13 year-old member of the Lo/Rez fan club who hosts Chia in Tokyo. ¶

Russian San Francisco Homicide cop, gray coat, thin and dark, with a widow's peak, glasses that look like they are sawn in half. He and Svobodov investigate the murder of Hans Blix. ¶

Pursley, Aaron
Rydell's lawyer at Cops in Trouble. ¶

Half Irish, Half Chinese, green eyes. Singer of the world-famous band Lo/Rez which has been popular for a very long time. He intended to marry the idoru Rei Toei. ¶

Representative of the Walled City. ¶

Rydell, Stephen Berry
Looks like Tommy Lee Jones. Ex-policeman in Los Angeles who lost his job after killing a man who held his family hostage. He was opted for by the famous TV show 'Cops in Trouble' but was dropped when a more sensational case turned up. He then worked as a driver for IntenSecure but was suspended after some hackers of the Republic of Desire sent him on a fake operation. His boss at IntenSecure got him a job as a driver in San Francisco where he comes to know Chevette. He helps Chevette escape the killer Loveless and is signed up for 'Cops in Trouble' again. They move to Los Angeles and soon seperate. ¶
After working for the 'Lucky Dragon' convenience store on Sunset, he is sent to San Francisco again by Laney. After picking up the idoru's holoprojector he is hunted by Harwood's men. He also meets Chevette there, and they come together again. ¶

Shapely, James Delmore
He was discovered by the AIDS industry when he had already been HIV-positive for twelve years. His strain of HIV was notpathogenic but was able to kill the lethal strain of HIV. By isolating his mutant strain of HIV it was possible to develop an AIDS vacchine. Shapely was murdered by members of a fundamentalist sect in Salt Lake City. ¶

Mute streetkid who turns up at Fontaine's shop. Possesses the talent to find all kinds of rare watches on the internet. ¶

Old man who lives atop the bridge on the cable tower. He was among the first homeless who took over the bridge after the earthquake. He found Chevette almost dead and took care of her. She lives with him and takes care of him because he has a bad hip. He dies after Chevette left with Rydell. ¶

Sublett, Joel
Dry blond hair, wears mirrored contacts because of his light-sensitiveness, looks like a Klan-assed Nazi robot, has bad allergies. He is Rydell's colleague at IntenSecure. His family lives in a trailer camp in Texas with a video-sect. ¶

Svobodov, Arkady
Russian San Francisco Homicide cop, gray coat, long pale hair combed straight back, tight and shiny skin. He and Orlovsky investigate the murder of Hans Blix. ¶

Australian, media science student at USC, Chevette's friend from Malibu. ¶

Toei, Rei
The idoru, completely artificial media personality. ¶

Torrance, Kathy
Very pale, Laney's supervisor at Slitscan, blackmails Laney after his defection with a fake porn video. ¶

Walker, Durius
Rydell's colleague in security at Lucky Dragon Sunset Boulevard branch in Los Angeles. ¶

Warbaby, Lucius
Black, over six feet tall, olive silk overcoat, skinny black jeans, black Texas dogger boots, black Stetson hat, glasses with heavy black frames, deep voice with a sad tone. He hired Rydell as a driver because he broke his leg. ¶

Washington, Chevette-Marie
She came into the Juvenile Center in Beavertown after her mother left her but escaped one night. She then went to San Francisco where she nearly died if not taken care of by Skinner. She had come to know Sammy Sal DuPree who helped her get a job as a bike messenger. After the last delivery she stumbles into a party and impulsively steals the sunglasses of a guy. These 'Virtual Light' glasses turn out to contain a top-secret rebuilding scheme of San Francisco. Subsequently Chevette is followed by the killer Loveless, but she manages to escape with the help of Rydell. They both get signed up by Cops in Trouble and leave for Los Angeles where they soon separate. Chevette moves to Malibu and lives together with Tessa until her ex-boyfriend Carson starts to threathen her. Tessa and Chevette flee to San Francisco where Chevette meets Rydell again. ¶

Yamazaki, Shinja
Japanese student in existential sociology and freelance anthropologist, he came to San Francisco to learn more American culture. He stays with Skinner to learn more about the bridge people and helps him while Chevette is away. Later he is employed by Paragon-Asia Data-Flow, the Lo/Rez shell corporation, to explain the cultural background of the idoru. After Laney's escape to Shinjuku, he occasionally looks after him. ¶

Zona Rosa
The persona of Mercedes Purissima Vargas-Gutierrez, represented by a blue Aztec death-head. Daughter of a successful crime lawyer, she lives in Mexico City and is a member of the Lo/Rez fan club. She is affected by an environmental syndrom and thus severly deformed, which is why she has been living in denial of her physical self for the past few years. She pretends to be the leader of a street-gang and owns former corporate website which she uses to launch the attack on the Tokyo chapter of the Lo/Rez fan club. ¶

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