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  Surprisingly, there have not been many attempts to adapt Gibson's fiction for the big screen. With computer special effects improving, we might see a few adaptions during the next few years which could be able to visualize Gibson's visions. ¶

johnny mnemonic (1995)

back  Keanu Reaves is 'Johnny Mnemonic', a space-age courier who's plugged in, turned on and buffed up to deliver the most important data of the 21st century, wet-wired directly into his brain. ¶

cover of 'johnny mnemonic'
Directed by Robert Longo and starring Keanu Reeves, Dina Meyer, Dolph Lundgren, Takeshi, Ice-T and Henry Rollins. ¶

Gibson himself says Hollywood forces changed the movie from his and Longo's vision, and that the Japanese cut of the movie (in English with Japanese subtitles) is closer to their intent. ¶

Robert Longo said that they intended to make a 'dirty, edgy black-and-white science fiction film' but shifted to big movie because nobody was interested in funding what would have been 'a giant student film'. ¶

new rose hotel (1998)

back  In the near future, a brilliant Japanese geneticist, Hiroshi, is the prize in a war between two powerful mega-corporations. Hosaka corporate espionage specialists aid Hiroshi's dangerous defection from Maas. They may be the best in the business, but can they survive deadly intrigue, ruthless executives, and the betrayal of a beautiful, treacherous woman? ¶

cover of 'new rose hotel'

Starring Willem Dafoe, Christopher Walken, and Asia Argento, this fast paced techno-thriller, written by cyberpunk originator William Gibson, is directed by Abel Ferrara. ¶

Gibson's New Rose Hotel short story was originally optioned by Malcolm McLaren (of Sex Pistols and Buffalo Gals fame) at some point and was in development for years. Abel Ferrara (director of Bad Lieutenant) made a low-budget version of it starring Willem Dafoe and Christopher Walken; Gibson did not write the screenplay. ¶

neuromancer (200?)

back  "With William Gibson and Chris Cunningham, Seven Arts Pictures has a unique opportunity to produce a spectacular entertainment experience, as a major feature film and also on The Internet. "Neuromancer" is all about Cyberspace, and Cyberspace is all about The Internet." ¶

chris cunningham

"Screenager -- As a teen, Chris Cunningham read "Neuromancer" -- three times. Soon he could imagine every scene of the movie and started working on storyboards. Years later, the twenty something prodigy (he worked with Stanley Kubrick as a youth) will bring William Gibson's classic to the screen, when Seven Arts releases the pic next year. The British director -- known for his f/x work in music videos and films like Alien 3 -- shies away from hyping the movie while it's in development. But Gibson isn't so demure: "The guys a genius," says the author. "He's the man for the job -- Neuromancer was his "Wind in the Willows."
-- Jessie Scanlon, WIRED Magazine ¶

Cunningham's videos: Aphex Twin -- "Come to Daddy" -- 1997
Portishead -- "Only You" -- 1997
Squarepusher -- "Come on My Selector" -- 1998
Madonna -- "Frozen" -- 1998
For release in 1999: Aphex Twin -- "Windowlicker"
Leftfield with Afrika Bambaataa -- "Afrika" Currently in production on a new video with Bjork. ¶

the zen differential (200?)

back  No official information available yet.¶

Based on Gibson's novel 'Count Zero'. Is being directed by Michael Mann and Produced by newcomer Kathryn Sommer. Michael Mann is a very classy and high strung director so I'm hoping that he will be able to bring some justice to Gibson's Sprawl. Not much is known about the production on this movie, except that is has been in production for about two years now. ¶

Rumored that the screenplay is written by John Lloyd Parry. ¶