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  Rei Toei is the idoru - the beautiful, entirely virtual media star adored by all Japan. Rez of the band Lo/Rez has declared that he will marry her. This is the rumor that has brought Chia of the San Francisco fan club to Tokyo. True or not, the idoru is surrounded by powerful interests. ¶

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Idoru (1996) is the latest novel from William Gibson. In Idoru Gibson concentrates on the themes of media and popularity in a post-cyberpunk setting. Idoru is set in the same universe as Virtual Light, and the main characters of both books are also very similar. Idoru is a Japanese word derived from the English "idol". In the book the idoru appears as a completely artificial media celebrity. ¶



388 pages ¶
Cover from Berkley,
Penguin Putnam,
New York, 1997 ¶
Copyright © William Gibson 1996 ¶