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Neuromancer audio book (19??)

William Gibson reads Neuromancer. Gibson's flat twang voice work can't express the variety of all the characters, but his presentation of the narrative drive of the tale is excellent. His narration reveals the spiritual center of the tale in the forty hours/5 minutes that Case is flatlined in Neuromancer's cyberspace construct, it's a passage of lyrical emotion. U2 is credited with some of the incidental sounds in the background, but they're very incidental. ¶

Hinterlands comic (1995)

An interesting evocation of the fake paradise of the short story from Burning Chrome. Adapted and illustrated by Gavin Lonergan. Appeared in Freeflight #5 and #6, Dec/Jan 95 and Apr/May 95, published by Thinkblots. ¶

Tomorrow Calling TV film (1995)

Apparently William Gibson's short story 'The Gernsback Continuum' was made into a short tv film in the UK. ¶

Johnny Mnemonic computer game (1995)

Full-Motion Video computer game from Sony Imagesoft which is more or less a movie filmed as a game. The player's goal is to find the pieces of the download code so Johnny can download the data overload in his head before he dies, or before someone decapitates him. ¶