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Expo demolishing
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Expo construction
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Week fourteen (June 26, 2005)

Around the block in Nagoya

I went on various strolls around my apartment near the train station of Hoshigaoka, all the while carrying my camera and recording what met my eye. Later, I started venturing into the city center and take pictures of the (sadly mostly rather uninteresting) Nagoya cityscape.

A short word about history: Nagoya was planned by shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and constructed as a castle city in the year 1612. The city was heavily damaged by bombs during the second World War. Even though the reconstructed city of Nagoya is now inhabited by over two million people, it certainly doesn't radiate the air of a metropolis. The local industry includes Toyota (whose homebase is located in nearby, well, Toyota city) and Brother Industries; Japan's third largest city has the atmosphere of one large small town, dominated by manufacturing industry instead of culture.

JR Nagoya Towers

Higashiyama Sky Tower


Matsuzakaya department stores

Rotary in front of the JR Nagoya train station

Rotary seen from a different angle

Southeast view from the Towers Panorama House

East view - the Expo site can be seen faintly upper left

In and around Hoshigaoka: The area where I lived was not in the middle of nowhere, it featured a Mitsukoshi store, the Hoshigaoka Terrace with lots of fashion stores and a bowling arena, and a Yamada electronics store. Certainly not the worst place to be stuck it, even though I didn't really have time to explore the area.

Getting off at Hoshigaoka station

Housefronts near the train station

Yamada electronics store

Meito street crossing

Mr Donuts and Goblin (Hoshigaoka Terrace)

Clothing shops (Hoshigaoka Terrace)

Around my home.

The apartment house where I lived

Coin laundry next door

The rather dubious Co-op market hall

The seedy animal shop

Apartment housing

Cleaning and rice shop

Nagoya has its share of drab places. Some views are so desolate that I didn't even dare to take pictures because it would be too depressing. For example, take the Tomei expressway that cuts through the city near Hongo. This multi-level concrete bridge construction razes through the cityscape and pushes down your mood with its weight whenever you pass it (which, for me, is every day).

Tower parking in Nagoya

A view of the beautiful city of Nagoya

Apartment housing in Fujigaoka

Coco convenience store

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