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Week 29 (09.10.05)
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Expo demolishing
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Expo construction
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About this site

What is this site about?

Here at Expo essays you will find various essays and photographs concerning the EXPO 2005 in Aichi, Japan. The weekly updates are comprised of a mixture between a personal diary of my daily life and thougths and some articles about various topics concerning the World Exposition.

Why this site?

Even though I came to Japan to work, I still didn't want to stop there and quit writing altogether. I thought it a pity that even though the Expo offered lots of interesting topics and was supposed to address a worldwide audience, most people outside of Japan weren't able to experience it themselves. Also, working at the Expo lead to all kinds of funny and weird situations which I wanted to record since they might give an unique view on this strange country.

The weekly Expo essays focused on various topics concerning the World Exposition with some personal episodes thrown in. Whereas in the first weeks I tried to convey the general atmosphere of the Expo, after a while the articles started to include more and more criticism of the blunders of the Japanese organization commitee. As you will soon realize upon reading these pages, I never hesitated to rebuke the organizational failures and the disagreeable treatment of staff at the Expo. I would like to stress that these expressed opinions are solely my own and are not meant to convey the general opinion of the foreign community at the Expo. Also, none of these episodes and thought pieces are meant to make general comments about the Japanese as a people or even "race" so please keep in mind that all expressed opinions on this site are highly subjective and - in some cases - not politically correct.

What about photographic or textual copyright?

The photographs I take here play a vital role in some of the weekly updates. All photos were taken with a Kyocera Finecam SL400R.

If you want to reuse some photographs or content on your website, print publication or otherwise please drop me an email. Also, I took the liberty of posting images collected the web in my web images gallery. These are mostly images that appeared on other web sites about the Expo, but also a number of personal photographs published on the net. If you do not agree with your intellectual property appearing on my site don't call your lawyer - please contact me by email first and let me sort things out.

Who is writing this?

My name is Manuel and I worked at the German pavilion at the Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. Last time around I wrote the Nippon Photo Diary (in German) when I was studying in Osaka. Apart from that I am running a bunch of other websites, most notably the William Gibson aleph. If you wish to contact me about the site, you may do so via my mail address.